The film of the fifth episode of Criticissimamente speaking , aired on March 26, is Mamma mia! , Brilliantly directed in 2008 by Phyllida Loyd , also director of the stage version. Catherine Johnson, however, is the author of the screenplay. The creators of this enjoyable film tell a simple and light weave through musicals […]

Reviews and talking films Criticissimamente

The elements are those of a simple, lightweight story: a sweet and naive protagonist ( Piper Perabo in “Violet”) with the dream of becoming a famous songwriter, two men (a father and a lover), amazing friends and a beautiful song. But it is the desire to Violet difficult to achieve. Coyote Ugly is a local […]

Ryar Web Radio Speaking Criticissimamente

Ryar WebRadio has a wondrous surprise for all movie lovers: Criticissimamente speaking , the history of cinema on air. Criticissimamente speaking , radio version of the successful blog ” CriticissimaMente ” , curated by Valentina Orsini , reminds you of the most beautiful film, exciting, historical, heartbreaking, funny and romantic of all time!


The whole history and lattualità of country music are on Ryar WebRadio in Country Jail, the FIRST Italian program is hosting experts, musicians and bands Country Italian, dedicated to deepening pages and songs to country authors in vogue in the international scene and uses allespediente of large laughs to keep you glued to your pC. […]

The container of the Morning

The morning of Ryar WebRadio begin with linformazione: The news program , The Weather , edited by Andrea and Antonio Sanò Falcinelli, and phonebook Two Minutes a Book , dedicated to new releases in the library


Are you ready to dive in the Latin rhythm ?? dallisola Directly Conga, Sarah, Daniel and Francesca transmit Conga! The transmission that will teach you to rifarvi a life and live happy! Tips, secrets and everything necessary for happy living abroad and never come back in Italy!

Chatter and Badge

Francesco chat, teases and teases us in radio. Each topic is possible, every opinion and exposed the insane thoughts are translated into words in their little corner complete with a badge!Listen to the contents of the entertainment program Ryar WebRadio , t antissime address books and endless cues!

Cathartic Experience

Let yourself be drawn into a reverie, in which sounds, music and words mingle and make you an experience release, purifying … Cathartic Experience is an alternative music program, an experiment, carried out by Davide Forte. As uninterferenza that disturbs the system, it pushes those who are not content to tune to the frequency

Candy Shop

rock n roll program (not only) of Ale and Yuri. A new program for Ryar, a journey into the world of rock, and beyond, to the discovery of new hits and classics to start to warm up the evening Queen of the weekend. Candyshop will keep you updated on just out pieces, the new live […]


When malt and hops encounter a B flat. A modern survival guide to the week with beer, homebrewing tips & tricks, beer-drinking, talk nonsense, so much music heard and told, and guests like there’s no tomorrow. Designed and conducted by Giulia Lanciotti, with Francesco “Frank” Antonelli and Master Francesco Snoriguzzi Director Francesco Cavalluzzo