To get on the throne of Ryar WebRadio , this week, it’s Michael Jackson : author and singer, dancer, actor, writer and choreographer. From leading the family group just five years, the dominant figure in popular culture for four decades, the King of Pop has influenced most of the hip hop artists, pop, R & B and contemporary rock with its distinctive musical genre, his distinctive vocal style and his innovative way of dancing. The videos of his songs have revolutionized the video clips in general, turning them into an art form. The recording projects of Michael Jackson represent the best-selling albums in the world. Thus, the star enters fully into the Guinness Book of Records for being the most successful artist of all time , with over a billion records sold, and as a pop star who claimed the highest number of charities. In his long career, the star has received numerous awards (such as “the Century Artist” at the American Music Awards, including twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and 13 Grammy Awards), which made him the most honored the artist in History of music.

Also referred to as “eternal Peter Pan” of pop music, Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29, 1958 in the city of Gary, Indiana (USA). It comes from a family of humble origins, whose members are all interested in music. His father realizes the talent of children, and decided to form a group, the Jackson Five . Under the leadership unleashed Michael, the five brothers quickly go from small local show to a contract with the legendary label Motown , they realized fifteen albums in seven years, climbing the charts and face seguitissimi tour by fans.
When, later, the band changes its name simply in Jacksons, Michael breaks away from the group and began a new, multi-faceted career. In 78 he participated as an actor in the filming of the movie The Wiz with Diana Ross, and it affects the soundtrack.

In 1979 he decided to collaborate with the artist R & B Quincy Jones , and logs off the wall , the first solo album for Epic (with Motown had to back four solo albums).

The dark disk of the decline Jacksons, reaching the top of the American charts and the whole world. Although Michael does not abandon completely the brothers (signing with them another album and realizes a tour), its purpose is ormail his solo career. It comes, in fact, a more personal album, Thriller , the dazzling dance vein . We are in 1982. The album remains at the top of the charts for 37 weeks, and to date has sold over 40 million copies. Innovative video dellomonimo single, lasting fifteen minutes and directed by filmmaker John Landis .

The Jackson still perform together in 1984 in the Victory Tour. In this period, Michael, now rich, he began to exhibit his personal foibles. For example, buy a ranch in California, calls it “Neverland” and equips it to the amusement park. Invite to stay in his home of very young children, behavior that will boost the years. It also shows his penchant for plastic surgery and, if on one side of the star draws the attention of the international press with his bizarre behavior, the other shows reluctance to grant interviews. Around its figure develop science fiction legends, such as that according to which would sleep in a hyperbaric chamber.

In 1985 he bought the ATV Publishing , which owns the rights to many songs of the Beatles , material Elvis Presley , Little Richard and others. That same year, he promotes, along with Lionel Richie , the project We are the world , a single that involves the greatest artists in the world and whose proceeds go to African children. The success is global.

In 1987 he comes out Bad . The album sold in a short time 28 million copies. Following another world tour, but the concerts the King of Pop are criticized for use of playback.

In 1991, Dangerous is another success, despite competition with “Nevermind” by Nirvana .

In the US, the image of Michael Jackson is heavily scaled by rumors of child molestation. His constant attention generate increasing suspicions, until in 1993 he was not openly denounced. The case is resolved with an agreement with the child’s father.

In an effort to justifying its “normality”, May 26, 1994 he marries Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the great Elvis . Unfortunately, the wrecked marriage only two years later. But Jackson soon married his nurse, who will give the first child in February 1997. It is also the year of a new album. The double History consists of a greatest hits disc and in a new material, including the single “Scream” (a duet with sister Janet) and the song “They dont care about us”, which becomes the subject of controversy for texts considered by some anti-Semites, later modified. Other disc, also from 1997, Blood on the dance floor .

Michael Jackson is inserted into RocknRoll Hall of Fame in March 2001. The same year it organized a mega concert at Madison Square Garden in New York to celebrate his thirty-year career. The show is broadcast by CBS and beats all previous audience records, with over 25 million viewers. But in those days it carried the Twin Towers tragedy. Michael wrote a song in memory of the victims. Collect 40 stars and records the song “What More Can I Give?”. On 25 October 2001 meeting with his friends in Whashington for a charity concert, during which was officially presented the song “All-Star” for the victims of the Twin Towers.

In the same month it released Invincible , which contains the single “You rock my world”, accompanied by a clip which sees lapparizione Marlon Brando cameo.

In this period, “Jacko” alternates between moments where it appears to drift (as when it is being pulled in some merciless photo), others in which is shown still in good shape (for example in some television appearances for MTV).

Meanwhile, in 2003 it generated great interest around the world with the greatest hits compilation Number Ones . But multiple charges of child molestation Michael Jackson condemn the arrest, with the option to pay a deposit of three million dollars.

The following year a rich limited edition box set is released, entitled The Ultimate Collection , which includes four CDs, a DVD and a book.

There are rumors of a debt-boggling Jackson ($ 400 million) and is working on a new world tour for “make money”, resounding with the announcement of fifty dates set in London. Tickets are selling fast, but Michael does not hold any concert.

On June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson died suddenly due to a heart attack, probably caused dallingerimento a mix of drugs (but rumors of suicide and murder case, questultima also supported by some family members, they are taking a long time). A mysterious end, leaving the tress yellow. The memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was the most impressive in the history of music from the times of Elvis Presley, with television unaudience of almost a billion people.