We recognize the importance of the historical D uran Duran , one of the first pop formations to work with stratified complex arrangements before the diffusion of digital synthesizers and sampling. Able to put everything in their performances, the pioneers in the production of video clips, the very British D uran Duran become group 80s icon challenging times, through compositions that mix bitterly rock and electronic and break completely with the previously established musical forms.
The origins of the musical phenomenon Duran Duran , which can be called “electro-pop”, date back to 1978, when the schoolmates Nick Rhodes (keyboards) and John Taylor (guitar), along with Simon Colley (bass clarinet) and Stephen Duffy (voice), put on a band they call by the name of a character in the movie Barbarella , Roger Vadim’s cult 68. Nellarco a year, Duffy and Colley are replaced by vocalist Andy Wickett and drummer Roger Taylor. After recording a demo, John is given to low to make way for the new guitarist John Curtis, who will soon be replaced by Andy Taylor. In 79 comes the vacalist Simon LeBon of Dog Days. The training is complete.

Between 1980 and 1981, the five Duran Duran maximum gain popularity within the British New Romantic movement called. Allindomani the first single “Planet Earth”, comes the first video clip, the hot of “Girls On Films” , which brings the album debut Duran Duran to third place in the British charts (will remain on the charts for 118 consecutive weeks!). The media speak of “pop sensation” , but in reality the musical line of the band evolves from that wave post-punk British, grafted on a punk matrix Sex Pistols, relieved by David Bowie influences and loaded with those funk of Chic.

The new album Rio (1982), squirts to the second position of the European charts. Huge success of the single “Hungry Like The Wolf” , “Save A Prayer” and the title track. But the effect yielded by Duran Duran is not as sensational even in America, where The entrance in the Top Ten follow only the promotion of their video clips from MTV.

In 1983 Seven and the Ragged Tiger . Also this album took the top of the international charts and includes two more singles immortal: “Union Of The Snake” and “The Rephlex” .

After numerous successes and a tour that lasted a year and a half, in 1984 the band opts for a break. But already in November resurfaces with the single “Wild Boys” (in first position in the UK and the United States) and the album Arena ( live) .

In 1985, the the group recorded the song “A View To A Kill” for the film 007: Mobile Target , but then the members choose to develop independent side projects. Andy and John form the Power Station; Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and Simon LeBon give life to Arcadia. But it is just a hint of cleavage. The following year, Andy and Roger left the band permanently. Li replaces Warren Cuccurullo, ex-guitarist Frank Zappa.

The parable Duran Duran bottom curve. For three years, do not publish anything until Notorious , 1988 album, is not worth them a platinum disc in the United States and a hit. The same year also leaves Big Thing , while in 1989 it was the turn of the greatest hits compilation “Decade” . Success is guaranteed only for a short time: the next disc, entitled Liberty , sells less than all previous ones.

In 1993, Duran Duran are back with a surprisingly mature work, full of soul and funk shades, Duran Duran: The Wedding Album . The single “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone” enter the popular hit and get good critical judgments like never before. The recovered successfully continues with Thank You (1995), a collection of covers that provides back to the UK group a gold record in the US.

Unfortunately, there comes a new departure from the line-up. In 1996, John leaves his companions, fully engaged in a new effort , to pursue a solo career. The disc Medazzaland , since the failure, will decide the break with EMI Records.

It was not until 2000 for the next album, Pop Trash , produced by Edel. But even Cuccurullo, tired duraniana experience, decided to return with Missing Persons.

In early 2003, Simon, Nick, Andy, Roger and John reconstitute the original lineup for a new LP. This event, in conjunction with the important collaboration of Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes, pushes the EMI to publish all the singles released between L81 and l85 in a super box set signed by Duran Duran “historic” .

In September 2004, arriving the single “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise” and the album Astronaut , the first run with the original line-up in ventunanni away dallultimo. Instant The entrance among the first places of the charts.

In 2005, after a world tour that saw the five Duran Duran again united, Andy Taylor riabbandona the project. But in 2007 the new album comes out anyway . Red Carpet Massacre manages to climb the pop charts.