David Robert Jones was born in Brixton (London) l8 January 1947. In 1959 he received the gift of a saxophone and began to study music. In 1962 he was hit by a dellamico George Underwood fist. Since then, his right eye is blue, green / brown left due to an irreversible injury to the left pupil. Between 1962 and 64 enters afar part of four pieces (the Konrads , Davy Jones and the King Bees, the Manish Boys and the Lower Third ) and recorded three 45s, that there are successful.

A few days before his nineteenth birthday, David Robert Jones became David Bowie to stand dallallora best known Davy Jones of the Monkees. Log in Buzz and signs a contract with Pye Records. In 1966 the group released their first single, Can not Help Thinking About Me / And I Say To Myself , but dpo one year, Buzz melt already.

In March 67 Bowie signed with Deram and realizes solo Rubber Band , The Laughing Gnome and later Love You Till Tuesday .
The July 14, 1967 takes place the encounter with the mime-dancer Lindsay Kemp , who would teach him the mysteries of the ballet and mime. At year end, Bowie took part, as a mime and author of the music, the spectacle of Kemp Company Pierrot in Turquoise . It is the beginning of an eclectic career.

In 1969, Bowie recorded ” Space Oddity” , a song used by the BBC in its coverage of the landing on the moon images. In September, the song is already in fifth place in the UK charts. It is the first step towards success. At the end of that year the new album titled David Bowie , passing almost unnoticed.

Crucially the encounter with guitarist Mick Ronson , David brings to abandon the rhythms and pop arrangements in favor of other more rock. In this period Bowie accentuates the sexual ambiguity of her figure and making a name for himself with a series of provocative acts. In 1971 releases his new LP, The Man Who Sold The World. The cover, which shows him in women’s clothes, is banned in the US. The effect is the desired one: the press talks about David Bowie. The criticism, however, welcomes well his latest effort. The RCA offered him a new contract. Bowie starts a short promotional tour that brings him to perform in the United States.
In 71 also comes Hunky Dory , acclaimed by critics and audiences.

In June 1972 the album was released, which it will raise definitely rock star David Bowie internationally: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars . On this record Bowie became Ziggy Stardust. Poised between eroticism and science fiction, l8 July 1972 Ziggy, androgynous alien rock prophet, makes its grand appearance on stage at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Bowie / Ziggy inflames the hearts of fans with beautiful songs, like “Starman” , ” RocknRoll Suicide” and ” Moonage Daydream” . The show is a stunning combination of music and theater, alternating play of light and mime performances. Within a few months, loltraggioso Ziggy Stardust is one of pop and rock legend.

In 1973 Bowie produces and care Transformer Lou Reed, Raw Power by Iggy Pop and writes “All The Young Dudes” for Mott the Hoople . DORO releases her new album, Aladdin Sane (Read A Lad Insane, crazy guy), which remains in the British charts for 72 weeks. The success proves unmanageable for Bowie, who decided to withdraw from the scene. The farewell concert by Ziggy Stardust is held at Hammersmith Odeon July 3, 1973 .
But nellottobre of the same year released his new album Pin Ups , a collection of covers of the sixties. They become so five LP Bowie present simultaneously on the charts. In December 73 he receives the award for the most popular rock musician and one for the worst dressed woman.

At the beginning of 74 new metamorphosis. The occasion is the realization of the new album Diamond Dogs , in which Bowie is a mutant to be half man, half dog. Her makeup becomes more funky / soul, did complete dandy members , and a softer makeup. Diamond Dogs is golden disc aloft copies sold.

In March of 1975 the output of the new LP, Young Americans , raises clamor for radical change of the kind of composition: the album pivots on black sounds, soul and disco. The single Fame , a collaboration with John Lennon , reaching the top spot in the American chart. Bowie vince fifth gold disc. The same year he was contacted by the director Nicolas Roeg, for part of the protagonist in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth .
In the following months Bowie founded his own production company, Bewley Brothers , and is contacted by other important records: Bergman, Antonioni, Fassbinder . Start a new career for him.

In 1976 it goes on sale Station To Station album that heralds the birth dellultimo character of David Bowie: The Thin White Duke , the Duke White, haughty and icy hero in a dark world, and no feelings. The album, with its dark atmosphere, produced by the metal and electronic sounds, well reflects the mood of a distressed man from the future, in a precarious emotional balance and destroyed cocaine. The record stands at the top of the world rankings.

In this period, while living in Los Angeles, the artist Bowie feels the need to change his life, and moved to Berlin. We are in 1977. Record the album of Iggy Pop The Idiot and began working at Low along with Brian Eno . Nellautunno Bowie co-wrote and recorded Lust For Life by Iggy Pop . In questoccasione meets fratell the Sales , members of the band Iggy, with which ten years later will form the Tin Machine . In October the new album Heroes , in collaboration with Eno and a special appearance by Robert Fripp , guitarist and founder of the avant-garde band King Crimson . Heroes is perhaps the album more mature and sophisticated Bowie. The atmosphere created by synthesizers remain gloomy, but the power of the voice and style of texts herald lavvenuta rebirth and balance found in Bowie.

During the first months of 1978 Bowie recorded with the Philadelphia Orchestra , as a storyteller, a new version of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev . In March, he begins shooting his second feature film, Just A Gigolo , for director of the David Hemmings .

In May of 1979 comes Lodger , last element of the trilogy conceived by Brian Eno . From two-year isolation Berlin Bowie turned out, both as a man and as an artist. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) marks the final farewell to Berlin. Recorded in New York, the album is released in 1980 and reached number one on the British chart. Jack Hofsiss offers Bowie the title role in the play The Elephant Man. After three weeks of replicas sold out at the Blackstone Theater in Chicago on September 23, the show debuted on Broadway. Less than a month later Bowie will fly to London to receive lAward as the best singer of the year. The Melody Maker declared him the artist most influential of the decade.

At the end of 1981 Bowie writes and records with the famous Queen “Under Pressure”. Nellagosto says starring in the play of Baal by Bertold Brecht, staged by Louis Marks for the BBC.

After unapparizione in the movie Christiana F., we the children of the Berlin Zoo , which signed the soundtrack, in 1982 Bowie starred in The Hunger , directed by Tony Scott. Nellautunno the same year flies to Java to reach the director Nagisa Oshima and start, alongside Ryuichi Sakamoto, the shooting of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). In the same year Bowie signed a new contract with EMI and, a few months later, comes Lets Dance . The disc is his biggest commercial success (198 weeks in this chart, the best-selling album of the new label from the time of Sergeant Pepper Beatles). The album marks a return to rocknroll and funky. In addition to the single “Let’s Dance”, also “China Girl” and “Modern Love” became major hits. The Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour takes in triumph throughout the world.

Since 1984, Bowie focuses on the business side of his work. Tonight , the new album, reached number one on the British chart.
In the summer of 1985 Bowie participated in the Live Aid concert organized by Bob Geldof to world hunger, and plays a small role in the film Into the Night by John Landis.

1986 also saw Bowie filming the musical film Absolute Beginners, Julian Temple, for which consists lomonima song. The same year turns Labyrinth , Jim Hanson, and writes the soundtrack.

The Glass Spider tour , which promotes Bowie in 1987 his new album Never Let Me Down , it is a tour for over two and a half million fans. Bowie knows Reeves Gabrels, his future guitarist. In 1988 he plays the role of Pontius Pilate in Scorsese’s controversial The last temptation of Christ .

In 1989, the creative and artistic revival of David Bowie. Form the Tin Machine , along with Reeves Gabrels and brothers Tony and Hunt Sales , a band with which to return to writing rock music in the old style. The first album, Tin Machine , with its hard rock sound, returns to confound the critics and to intrigue the audience.

In 1990, with the Sound & Vision Tour , Bowie gives a farewell (though not definitive) to his old hits. After the publication of Tin Machine II , begins a brief world tour, this time in theaters and small venues, looking for a more personal relationship with his fans.

In 1991 he made the film The Linguini Incident , The following year she played a small role in Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me David Lynch.
On April 20, 1992 he participated, singing paired with Annie Lennox, the Freddy Mercury Tribute. On June 6, 1992 in Florence, Bowie’s wife Iman, the Somali supermodel, and settled in Switzerland. In Black Tie White Noise , solo album of 93 Bowie summarizes the emotions and ideas related to his marriage. In November 1993, Bowie recorded The Buddha Of Suburbia ; album used as a soundtrack dellomonimo TV movie.

The April 18, 1995 Bowie opened the Cork Street Gallery in London, the first exhibition of his works: paintings, sculptures, and two designs for wallpaper he prepared for Laura Ashley. He works in the film Basquiat, Julian Schnabel. It undertook lOutside World Tour. Outside is the first of three concept album that Bowie should dial with Brian Eno . This Bowie plays seven characters. Allalbum is attached The Diary of Nathan Adler , written by Bowie with the technique of literary Burroughs collages.

L8 January 1997 David Bowie celebrates fifty years. For the occasion organizes a concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden. On the same day, to promote the exit of his latest work, Earthling, it spreads exclusively via the Internet single, “Telling Lies”. On the new album, rock mixes with drumnbass and jungle rhythms, expressing a great energy. In February 1997, Bowie goes public: Output the Bowie Bonds, dellinvestimento collateral securities, and receives royalties for the records recorded until 1993. Ninety billion pounds is the figure that the artist has made in a few hours. Bowie also affects the Mandarin Chinese song “Seven Years In Tibet”, taken from Earthling . For the first time in history, a Western star earns the top spot of the standings in Hong Kong.

In September 1998, David Bowie launches BowieNet, the first ISP to become a rock star real hub of a virtual community.
In 1999 the new album Hours , in which David seems to return to the atmosphere of his first album.
In 2000 it is finally open the archives of radio recordings of Ziggy Stardust period, and collected in double cd Bowie at the Beeb .
In 2001 Bowie founded his own record label, Iso Records .

In June 2002 he released the album Heathen and 2003 Reality. Comuncia a big tour with more than a hundred dates, which touches even Japan and lAustralia. The album is presented l8 September 2003, via satellite, in the most important theaters in the world.

In June 2004, during the Prague date, David Bowie was hit by a severe pain in the shoulder and stopped the show. Administrator encounters a cardiac problem, which is solved by The application of an angioplasty.