Monograph Michael Jackson

To get on the throne of Ryar WebRadio , this week, it’s Michael Jackson : author and singer, dancer, actor, writer and choreographer. From leading the family group just five years, the dominant figure in popular culture for four decades, the King of Pop has influenced most of the hip hop artists, pop, R & […]

Monograph Frank Zappa

Ryar WebRadio could not forget to reward Frank Zappa , absolute genius, free, independent. Nonconformist fierce enemy dellAmeriKa stereotyped by Nixon, contrary to the sex phobia attitudes to morality concealing social hypocrisy, the god of money, the use of drugs of any kind. He did not like the guitars in their traditional state, and made […]

Monograph – Biography and discography of Duran Duran

We recognize the importance of the historical D uran Duran , one of the first pop formations to work with stratified complex arrangements before the diffusion of digital synthesizers and sampling. Able to put everything in their performances, the pioneers in the production of video clips, the very British D uran Duran become group 80s […]

Monograph David Bowie

David Robert Jones was born in Brixton (London) l8 January 1947. In 1959 he received the gift of a saxophone and began to study music. In 1962 he was hit by a dellamico George Underwood fist. Since then, his right eye is blue, green / brown left due to an irreversible injury to the left […]

Monograph – Biography and discography of the greatest artists

On Monday he goes to the artist wave the week. With half an hour of music only, from 18:30, Ryar WebRadio the scepter to a great artist or group that will be remembered throughout the week. Biography, discography, career, news and tips are available in the pages dedicated to the Monograph . Look at the […]

Maverik ALL Shock

Maverik ALL Shock is a real social media networks, a meeting place for lovers of music mixedby DJ Maverik. His world is the perfect place to unaccolta listeners teenagers and young people.


You can also decide to ignore her, but she is around you and has already figured out how to can get your attention. Our goal? Make you notale. Every Thursday from 20:15 live from RyarWebRadio Francesca and Emme demonstrate even the most skeptical about the everyday, the news and life are influenced by fashion and […]

House Club September

A DJ Set from hour-long. The manipulation by the best Dj Italian manufacturers, as Alex Berti, Gigi De Martino, Sergio Mauri, Jack Floyd and many others

Triple Brotherly Love Fantasy Football

You just totally “sick” of fantasy football? Find the votes of the newspapers that make you lose by half a point, the assist that is not given and the 6 gray that absurd possibility of ditching your favorite game? We have created the right space for you: the direct Triple Brotherly PHP ¬†are open! The […]

Strange famolo

In the “living room” more uninhibited web … Gaia di Sotto and Massimo Sollazzo tell you the freeing sex even last inhibition. Take off your clothes too … your taboos … and join them. Every Thursday at 21:30, you will open up new horizons … Just let yourself go with irony and the desire to […]