Ryar WebRadio offers all kinds of entertainment from sports to cooking, from literature to cinema, to the socio-cultural debate and the slight exchange of views. Plenty of space is intended for the best music of all time, in the form of programs dedicated to different genres. On Ryar listen niche and rock music, find the […]


Cinema and chatter of first choice for a place on the air , where cinema, news and film details merge into a single script: Popcorn at Tiffany’s . From an idea by Riccardo Iannaccone and Giulio Della Rocca, Emanuele Rauco, Simone DellUnto, Francesca Vennarucci, Chiara Guida and Emanuele Charlie Brown Bianchi to discuss the film […]

Passion Football

The transmission follows the events related to the big teams: Juventus, Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Fiorentina and Lazio. They will comment on all of the most significant events of the football week! Many guests in the studio and in connection!

Not Just Anime

Not Just Anime is a program that draws you forcefully back in time and makes you go back to that youth who have forgotten and will be the occasion to savor the magic of the legendary 80s and 90s through their most important event: the comic and the cartoon . Designed and conducted by two […]

Interview with Riccardo Albini

It was in the year 1988 lEuropeo in Germany was coming and Riccardo Albini invented Fantasy Football. “I am 24 years that I play, never used the 3-4-3. Championship stew ? Is the death of Fantasy Football!” Even if they are AC Milan, I have never managed to catch Van Basten. Those were different times, […]


From the pen of Andrea Graziano and voice of Francesca Flati and Andrea Follo, music and trivia from Japan.

All Ryar WebRadio Programs

BeeRock BeeRock! Chatter and laughter to the music of beer and surroundings with Giulia Lanciotti. Candy Shop rock n roll program (not only) of Ale and Yuri. Country Jail Country Music on Ryar WebRadio, with Alexander, Daniel and Daniel Speaking Criticissimamente The cinema of yesterday with Valentina Orsini In.Side the program that tells the best […]

Parlanti Writings

Have you ever dreamed that the words of a text written by you to tear off the paper on your desk and flew in the air? You imagined that, through the air, from reaching thousands of people? The realization of your dream must be just a voice and a good means of communication. Words on […]

The Young Italy

Infinite the following of “young Italie”! How many we have had, how many more will be born to change the beautiful country? He tried first memorable Mazzini, guilty of having called the Young Italy an association insurgency policy and its periodic intellectual struggle. And after him have not given up fascists, craxisti and Berlusconi! And […]

The Giuliover trips

Have you ever thought of being able to visit the most beautiful and fascinating places of the earth from the comfort of a sofa, chair, desk, chair, the floor …? Doubts about your holiday destination? Call to mass tourism qualunquistico! Thanks to The Giuliover travel the world for you will have no secrets. Our cicerone, […]