It was in the year 1988 lEuropeo in Germany was coming and Riccardo Albini invented Fantasy Football. “I am 24 years that I play, never used the 3-4-3. Championship stew ? Is the death of Fantasy Football!”
Even if they are AC Milan, I have never managed to catch Van Basten. Those were different times, there were great players. Maradona, for example, in our Fantasy Football was bought for 99 credits, and the following year another friend of mine costs three hundred of the 101 credits we had available because of the number 9 Milan. We kept almost all the initial rules, such as the number of credits to make the auction. An exception was the score for the goal conceded by the goalkeeper set at -2, but then we realized that it was overdone and we changed. We started well: the “trivial” 66 to score a goal, simply by streamlining the sufficiency of the vote and multiply it by the number of players. On goals scored, however, I think there is one single score to be assigned, and for me it is the right value 3. ”

” Among the many forms of PHP, the most widespread is the 3-4-3, but Albini did not like it. »

” Unlike other Fantasy Football, we never used the 3-4-3. They are not, because in the end they all tend to opt for this solution. Many do so because there is the illusion of three strikers who have more chances to score, and then you have more chances to win, but it is not. We play with so-called “modifiers”, and if you have a good midfield, you can make those important points that make the difference. Even the 4-3-3 leads you to have a weak midfield, which can go against a 3-5-2 in trouble, always considering the modifiers. By doing so, it is also more aware of the tactics of the other friends and the form they choose. Since last year, in fact, I prefer to deploy a 3-5-2 formation. My midfield? Hamsik, Lodi, Pirlo, and Bonaventure Cuadrado (not bad …). Last year the Bonaventure has not had a great season, but I wanted to reconfirm, and now is doing well. Now I am the first, but to be honest, I have the good fortune to mine. I face a few goals … and anyway I have the highest fantamedia, then, if we played a Grand Prix, and Magic Cup, I would be equally at the top. »

” The rest of the Albini training and” super “reappointment each year. »

” Perhaps, the biggest Italian purchase I’ve made in my 24 years of PHP is precisely to this season. I took El Shaarawy for ten credits, I had confidence, but to be honest I did not think he could do so many goals at the start of the season. Without him, in fact, I have a great attack (Denis, Insigne, Pellissier, Pabon and Muriel), but as I said, I never play with three strikers, so I do not need a large number of attackers. In Marchetti door, which I think will be my owner until the end, because the alternative is Stekelenburg. Every year, before the auction, we can reconfirm up to eleven of the 23 players that make up the rose, renewing and paying the same price for up to two years. First it was three, but, since the Italian championship is a bit ‘dropped both dimportanza that economically, there’s far fewer players and we preferred to reduce. »

” The years pass, but” they “remain almost the same. The curiosity of playing Fantasy Football with Albini is so great. But who are the lucky ones? »

” We are in eight – emphasizes Albini – as per regulation. I am not opposed, however, to an alloy with more participants. Moreover, when we started us in 1988, there were fifteen teams in the league, and thus be eight was the proportionate number. Seven of the eight “original For many years we know and there we were.” Football is no longer what it once was, and about disqualifications, Cannavaro I have it! When I did the initial rules these aspects were not there. It just, however, the player is disqualified for a long time (in this case Cannavaro for six months) you can replace it right away with another of the defenders were available. About players not deployable for Sneijder and Coutinho Luckily I have not taken them! As mentioned, football has changed a lot, and the true death Fantasy Football is the so called stew championship. We find ourselves to do the training on Friday for games that you actually play the following Tuesday. We are working to find a rule that will solve at least part of this problem, but we have not succeeded yet . “