Not Just Anime is a program that draws you forcefully back in time and makes you go back to that youth who have forgotten and will be the occasion to savor the magic of the legendary 80s and 90s through their most important event: the comic and the cartoon . Designed and conducted by two genes of nonsense what Matteo Roberti and Paolo Ferretti, every listener bet is involved in the game’s mix of cartoons acronyms (who will be able and identify them all?), Before being captured by a brief dellanimazione excursus on Japanese history, and a flurry of news on the central themes of the transmission. There is also space for board games and role-playing, to show space, which is getting to hear a theme song, but also room to the many guests who live comics as a profession, and they hope, through it, not just to reconnect with old lovers, but also to involve those who have not had their same luck: that the younger generation.